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Life settlements have been a consumer option for more than 10 years. However most insurance agents, professional advisors and policy owners are only beginning to learn that existing life insurance policies may contain hidden value. Life Insurance Global through its strategic life settlement partner, Morton P. Greenberg, JD, CLU have been actively involved in maximizing the value of its life insurance clients’ policies for more than 10 years. When Life Insurance Global realized the value that life settlements would be to its clients, it searched for a national prominent expert in this new emerging field with an extensive life insurance background.

Mort Greenberg is a wholesale Life Settlement Broker, nationally brokering since July 1998 to purchasers funded by financial institutions. He specializes in Life Settlements and is recognized both as an expert and pioneer in this emerging field. His articles on the subject have appeared in publications including Estate Planning and The Colorado Lawyer. For a number of years he was the Director, Counsel/Consultant for Advanced Underwriting for Manulife Financial (parent of John Hancock Life insurance Company). Mort is listed in Who’s Who in America and is a member of the Board of Advisers of Keeping Current. His more than 700 speaking engagements at meeting and institutes in almost every major city in the US include AALU, the International Forum and Top of the Table. He is responsible for the “Greenberg to Greenberg” letter that established the generally accepted method used to calculate the economic benefit arising from second-to-die (survivorship) split dollar insurance arrangements.

Having worked on hundreds of successful life settlement transactions, the ability to evaluate policies to determine whether any hidden value exists has been honed to an art form. Because of an extremely high submission to offer ratio the financing sources have come to appreciate the quality of the policies submitted for evaluation. Additionally, having developed a track record for shepherding cases to a successful conclusion there is more interest in our policies than usually is extended by the secondary market. This enables us to maximize the value of the policies and the purchase price the seller receives.

Our philosophy has always been to offer total transparency to the process. All offers and compensations received for our efforts are disclosed .Our approach and our expertise has positioned us to be one of the most creditable life settlement brokers in the market. Our goal is to maximize the value of our clients’ policies and to determine whether it is in their best interest to retain or sell them.


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